Reviews for "Stabbing a Cat"


Reminds me of Iron Butterfly,I only know of that because of Nightmare on Elmstreet.

Great track.

Great for listening at 3 in the morning.

For the people who don't really enjoyed it, it's not really a song to listen by itself.
In his website this track is actually used as a background theme for one of his comics, Cat Stab.

I was drunk while writing this review

Thats why I will put nothing relevant or useful in this review. I won't be creative I'll just type like I'm under the influence. I'm bored now. I don't know why I'm writing a review while drunk and not partying or doing whatever other drunk people do.

Yes I mean what you think I mean
Yes I lol'd at "psychodelic"


An awesome and psychodelic song.


I feel like I'm surfing on Psychodelic soundwaves while Fernado dance around on a pole..........