Reviews for "Phoenix Wright - CFA"

Some Good stuff indeed

I find this to be one of the best parodies (with a plot... or actual story) involving a gay lawyor (lol) but i didn't like the idea of phoenix actually being gay... for edgeworth

oh and the clown (i forgot his name) sounds like MasakoX of Naruto the Abridged Series

catbrush responds:

Yeah, I dunno, I always imagined Phoenix and Edgeworth being extremely heterosexual myself.

Lifting weights and talking about chicks.


This is one awesome flash!!! I love it, you guys shoulda done the voices for the Phoenix Wright games lol, because they're all great!

catbrush responds:

thanks buddy!!!


Im a Phoenix Wright fan myself, and I gotta say. The voices were great!! Good shit ;)

catbrush responds:

thanks :)


Its one of the best videos of phoenix i have cried of fun pal

catbrush responds:

i crid

Fresh Prince of bell air:P

it stars will smith, and the fresh prince of bell air theme song.........BEST FLASH EVAA!!!!!

catbrush responds: