Reviews for "Phoenix Wright - CFA"

amazing :D

that was VERY funny! its a Phoenix flash that has a point, and an entertaining storyline :D you get an A+

catbrush responds:

Yay thankies!


perfect, random master, excellent voices and much mroe can be said of this flash, *tears of passion come out of eyes* never seen and heard anything better.......
well..... made i over did it, but yea it hypercool.

catbrush responds:



hahaha, funniest PR parody ever! so crazy.

oh, one question why put Objection in Spanish? (I'm Spanish xD I know the word)

oh, and theRewind FF thing is very helpful!!!

catbrush responds:


Simply Amazing!

That's all I can say man! The voice overs rocked, the scenes were awesome, and everything was random like it's supposed to be! Keep it up, I would love to see another one of these in the near future with "Trials and Tribulations" or even "Apollo Justice" :)

catbrush responds:

There are other ones in audio. They can be found... around.

Google "phoenix wright: trials & violations"


the funiest thing i'v seen in a long while i dont care that its so long its so good t makes up for it

catbrush responds:

ok thx