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I <3 You

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the funiest thing i'v seen in a long while i dont care that its so long its so good t makes up for it

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ok thx

Fantastic voice acting and writing!!

Three points to make...

Graphics: It's alright. Some of the scenes with Phoenix look fuzzy (like when he wakes up) when the picture is blown up. And watching Lotta Hart and her unneeded creepy eyes for that long just made my brain cringe (but her face at the end was funny).

Voice Acting: Too... much... awesomeness. As pretty much every Newgrounds member should know, Rina-chan's a kickass voice actress. But it's also quite refreshing to hear the same voice actors (or maybe it's just Phoenix) from Phoenix (Re)Wright from Youtube. And by the way, the best voice in the whole video was the voice of the narrator (and Maya). "And that concludes todaaaaay's trial!"

Writing: DO WANT. Not only did the flash address jokes from the PW series, but also internet memes such as "do not want" and Serious Cat. But what I think makes the whole thing so great is the small details, like when Von Karma Objection-ed and killed Edgeworth. BTW, I just noticed as I pressed the play button, it says "written by Rina-Chan." ...really? Damn, she's good!

I couldn't give this anything else but a ten and be able to sleep well tonight. This was a great collaborative effort between many fantastic voice actors and writers, and I hope I see more like this. ^^

All my 10's are belong blah blah blah.

(This isn't in the Phoenix Wright collection!? Geez! Mind if I recommend it?)


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uh sure go ahead thanks


very funny... but too long. it needed to be broken down a little more, if you made it two episodes for one trial or something it might have felt a bit less stale in the end.

still awesome though

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yeah yeah i know

Simply Amazing!

That's all I can say man! The voice overs rocked, the scenes were awesome, and everything was random like it's supposed to be! Keep it up, I would love to see another one of these in the near future with "Trials and Tribulations" or even "Apollo Justice" :)

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There are other ones in audio. They can be found... around.

Google "phoenix wright: trials & violations"