Reviews for "Phoenix Wright - CFA"

Absolutely fabulous!

There's nothing more to say!

catbrush responds:

wakka wakka doo doo yeah

Fresh Prince of bell air:P

it stars will smith, and the fresh prince of bell air theme song.........BEST FLASH EVAA!!!!!

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psps and fresh prince?

how could i not give u a 10!
great job. this has been in may favs for a while now. but i decided to review it today.

Whips cause a sonic boom at the end of the whip, thats why it makes that sound!

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Do you guys respond to every review? cuz that really wierd.

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i do and i'm billy monks and don't you forget it

i'm weird for caring? you're really weird

umm... WHAT

i lost track but it was pritty good to my favrites
good job

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