Reviews for "Phoenix Wright - CFA"


I'm sorry, but i just didn't like this particular 'toon. I mean, sure, it makes oh-so-obvious sightings of many Internet Memes and topics, but the only thing that truly turned me off, and i may get bombarded by a whole crapload of fangirls because of this, but the "Yaoi factor" is just...well...i guess you can say forced on (no pun intended), and i am not saying this just because i'm straight or anything, but i just don't have a liking for Yaoi, but i do have friends who are gay and like that stuff, but...eh, just not me. Sorry. ^^;

catbrush responds:


o_O hey... no AMV hell refrences here... for once!

This was surprisingly different, with the main selling point easily being the voice acting, although Maya-Mia sounded a little bit off and Edgeworths voice needs an english accent since it's pretty much common belief he has one from his upbringing. Was it just me or was phoenix and edgeworth also the main only 2 characters that had the right expressions on their face to fit what they were saying? Least when you compare them against gumshoe or maya x.x

I would say you should re-create the sprites in flash format (vectors), but chances are it would just be some under appreciated extra work. Hell most of the people who would appreciate you putting in that extra effort probably avoid Pheonix Wright movies like the plague since it's a gimmicky 'in' thing right now.

catbrush responds:

"under appreciated extra work."

Yeah, pretty much. I'm not going to bust my ass if no one is going to notice. lol, great work ethic, eh?

a note and a regret

Champmahe, you either whote a review for the wrong flash, or you are just an idiot, Now to the story itself, I'm sorry, It's way to random for me, But it was still funny, (even though some charachter voices were annoying) Next time, please leave out skater boy.

catbrush responds:

Who's skater boy?

Wow 3rd place.....?

The lipsinc was spot on and the story sucked.
Wright's character is too wild.
Edgey's voice hit the mark.
Judge is spot on.
Maya's character is spot on.
Maya-Mia character sounded lame. (DO NOT WANT!)
I would expect Matt to talk/think a bit faster.
The rest of the characters sound lame.
Try again.

Also, fours.

catbrush responds:


LAME!!!!!!! shit

lame shit except for the animations though its more like u made this piece of crap just to be vulgar i mean its absolutely pointless next time try to add a story cos the only thing i found a lil bit nice was the ending it fucking sucked so word of advice dont make a story for oni to flash ur vulgarities k? fucking lame shit im givin u 1 mark out of pity for u n the animation stupid

catbrush responds:

I don't think there's any profanity in it fuckface.