Reviews for "Phoenix Wright - CFA"


This flash is full of win.

catbrush responds:


Rina-Chan Ftw.

Rina chan is amazing. i love her talent and her voice acting skills

catbrush responds:

e her tal


This is definitely the best Phoenix Wright parody I've ever watched- the music and the storyline and other crack effected stuff was great.

Also, the fast forward/rewind stuff was really handy.

catbrush responds:

very hnady


the best pheonix wright parody ever, geat voiceing and storyline

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Pretty good Flash, that is. The only flaws : whoever voices Wright speaks (WAY) too fast. I could barely understand any of his phrases (not to mention that understanding spoken English is a real pain in the butt when it's not your language)...Rina, however, it's the opposite : I can perfectly understand what she's saying, but her characters almost never say funny/silly things.

And now the good stuff :

The voices are great. Although I didn't get half of the dialogues, I can say that they are just the best I've ever heard, hands down. Not only are they really nice to hear, but you also play very well. Same for (sorry, ESPECIALLY) Rina-chan. Keep it going like this and you might very well end up as professionnal voice actors. I MEAN it. :)

My NG rating : 5/5.

My personal rating : It's over 9000/5.

(By the way, I might ask you for voicing a character in a Flash I'm currently preparing. What do you think ?)

catbrush responds:

Well, this is Billy Monks responding to reviews, so I would recommend emailing the voice actors themselves if you want them to do voice work for you, since I'm not sure if they read these reviews.

Also thanks :)