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Reviews for "Poor Joshua Verde"

that was pretty cool

but the animations scared meee:/
but i noe that it takes alot of patiance and such tio make them so yea good jobb yo


beautiful narration & plot! :D 10/10 5/5 *faved*

tho the narration seemed like Run-on sentences at some parts. like it went too fast.

the figures did kinda scare me. XD


But good!
The story line was nice, but the clay figures scare the shit out of me. 4srs.

great story

i have seen better claymation before but i also know how hard it is to do, and you are much better than most. it was, as many have said, the story that makes it great. i give it a 9 out of 10 just cause there is room for improvement on the animation

Good delivery

*The story was very origonal and thought provoking
*Euro techno music
*The stop motion characters seemed pretty small and undetailed

Over all:
I like a good story more than animation so I rate it a 7/10