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Reviews for "Poor Joshua Verde"


dude that was the best claymation eva! im happy it had a happy ending

hmmmmm...i'm very conflicted about this one.

Wow. The animation was amazing, as well as the characters, the sets, and your use of 2-d animation programs integrated with the clay animation was spectacular. But...i had few problems.

First: I hated the constant narration. Part of a story is seeing the events, not being told them.Although we needed narration in the begining, the narration throughout the rest of the movie was completely unnecessary. You may want to think about decreasing how much the narrator dictates over the story in your next movie (If a narrator is needed.)

Second: I didn't really like the cookie-cutter ending. At all. It was a bit of a letdown, and pretty anti-climactic. But that's just me. :D

Overall, it was pretty damn good!.Keep it up!

Ending completely ruined it for me.

At first it seemed great, animation and style similar to Tim Burton's "Vincent". It was a decent 7/10 until you ruined it with a happy, nonetheless cliche ending.

Also: Next time try to use a more original soundtrack. The last song actually made me laugh due to how overplayed it is.

I'd recommend studying up on Vincent Price's relation to Tim Burton for inspiration (you seem to be heading that way).

Very good.

I agree with Rune-hunter. That was just about the best clay mation i have ever seen and it was very emotional. i glad that it had a happy ending as well. Great job dude.

It was different

It was different... The animation was good, and i havnt seen many videos like this one. Nice work.