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Reviews for "Poor Joshua Verde"

didn't like it

I don't really like claymation... I guess when it's supposed to be Flash, doing it in clay and then converting to Flash isn't really like the same thing for me, it doesn't have that Flash animation feel.

The story wasn't very good, I didn't feel. I see there are a lot of people who feel otherwise, and that's OK, but that's just my take on it. It was sort of boring to me, and all-around see-through.

I think it would've been better without narration and just more speaking so the viewers can make their own views out of the story.

Great job just on overall putting it together, and I think you definitely have potential to move forward in the future.

Wow great plot..

An Emo kid becomes normal kid again........thats what I'm talking about.

They're all eating with spoons now!!!

My lord, what a terrible terrible dimwitted story line. It and all the characters were shallow and the "saddest boy that ever lived", give me a break! This lacked most of all, original ideas. Well executed, but no depth. None. It works for a story book, yes, but you need original ideas backing your execution. Make the work complex enough that it grabs the older crowd and simple enough that it entertains the young. In that genuis shows, but this is just amateur.

it was really good

Props to using clay as ur for of animation


i find this movie to be really inpiring this movie is the most wonderful video of imagination i love the moral of this movie thank you for the inspiration