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Reviews for "Poor Joshua Verde"


ironic my name is joshua, and i loved this it was awsome, kudos


Dude this is intense, lol me and 2 friends entered Trop Jr. and didn't even get to the shortlist, it was filmed and edited well, but lacked a story, lol.
And Vasquez310, just consider how much skill was required to make this, and then judge it.
P.S. What does visgustn mens mean?


That was amazing. The story was perfect. Great anaimation and th emusic went along perfectally


i would not be suprised if someone made a movie out of this im speachless

Spectacular Work

I hardly ever write a review, but your submission is amazing. The animation is great, the sound the atmosphere you try to give, everything. The only flaw I saw, was in the father's speech. It was a crucial moment, the climax of the story, and yet the father's voice lacked feeling. It sounded like anything he would have said on a normal day. You know what I mean? Apart from there, you have what it takes man. Simply brilliant.