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Reviews for "The Rise of the Cheshyre"

so beautiful music

a little different of the album one, maybe should be for the echoe, but i expecially love the demons march

cheshyre responds:

Thank you!! I'm trying to change up the music on each album. Maybe on the 3rd i'll make a few that sound more like the ones on the 1st album... thanks!!

Re-reading this I understand what you mean about different. You are right! There are echoes in this version...

I have to complain!

There is so much wrong here!
First this isn't even close to techno! This is Cheshyre for sure! NG should update their tags faster.

Second their is no infinite star or vote button for this work which is completely unfair.

Third the awesome of this music made my headphones blow up! I suggest cutting down on the amazing awesome on this song or else my mind will blow soon from the looping!

But now onto the serious part, the piano at the start had a unique play, the tech beat at the start was what drew me in, then the cheers kept me more intrested as the beats and piano grew more complex and more a more electronic sound started to merge with the beat. The whole thing kept me hooked with the sudden changes of music never leaving the great style you portrayed in this music, near the half way mark when it just blew up in my face after such a build up got me pumped and ready to listen to the rest of this brilliant tune (Of course tune is not even close to what a breathtaking piece this is.)

And so I shall applaud with the rest of the people in this song to your rise of creation and awsome! Keep up the good work!

cheshyre responds:

I am sooo sorry about your headphones!!

Thank you so much for the awesome comment!! Your description is great! It makes the song sound even better than it is!

Thank you so much!

Just listened to slagsmalklubben

i honestly have to say, i like slagsmalklubben better but they are very similar... slagsmalklubben sounded the same the whole time... but this song is varies much more than slagsmalklubben so thats something i can cheer this song for. Overall i didnt hate it and i didnt really find anything bad with it so thats a 10,

cheshyre responds:

Thank you very much!!! And thanks for the 10!!

Is Very well

It's been almost a decade, and this is still one of my favourites. Absolutely fantastic.