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Reviews for "Sonic Smash Brothers BETA"

Attention to the creator: The "cheats" menu does not work on macintoshes due to the fact that the tab button switches between selections and as such, I am unable to access said menu. Just a small note, I suggest you change the button to something else if it is necessary to hold down the button. As for the tab button, it does indeed highlight the "Main Menu" text, but hitting enter or clicking on it whilst highlighted does nought. If what others are saying is false and it is not the tab button, disregard the prior and have a nice day.

cool game

The code is "upoverandgone''

How to unlock all characters

Amy:Complete sionics adventure
Cream:Complete tails adventure
Rouge:Complete knuckles adventure
Shadow:Complete rouges adventure
SilverComplete 10 man ko whith shadow
Blaze:Complete 10 man KO whith silver
EspioComplete adventure whith Sonic tails and knuckles
Mighty:Complete Adventure whith Amy cream and rouge
Super sonic Beat 50 man Melee
Super shadow beat 100 man melee
Tikul(Tikal):beat adventure whith all characters
Best game on computer ever