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Reviews for "Sonic Smash Brothers BETA"

pretty cool

its great, but thiers still some things i dont like


it's pretty cool.. it just... it has a lot of bugs to be worked out... the controls are horrible.. they're just so confuddled.. you can't jump and attack, you can't alway glide with knuckles... you sometimes will jump 3 or 4 times, some just twice at most.. i couldn't land one hit on tails even on the easiest level which made me not want to play for very long.. just needs some testing and fixes and it could be awesome


The cursor don't work
And when start to play, need to click to make frames goes on...
I liked the Work, but you may make that shirtout work better

-_- i wish that thing where you fall through the friggin ground would just get fixed !

I know you´ll think me a fool but why Sky Sanctuary is the first phase?And why we have only 3 characters to play to deslock others? I prefire Super Smash Flash.