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Reviews for "Sonic Smash Brothers BETA"

Intresting Concept

Needs a LOT of work mainly with the collision detection, the level bounderies and making the non-fighting levels intresting (and getting rid of the looping feature in the music).
But despite its flaws, it is quite fun and does show promise.


cool,but a lot of problems
-fighting people you havent unlocked in practice
-no instructions
-practice had no back button
-i was stuck for 10min thinking that the X was player token
-cant pick opponents in practice.
other than that,good,cant wait for real!
6/10 3/5


Its pretty cool concept, but there are a lot of bugs, I hope the final is much better

Not bad! This thing kind of rocks when u don't have the wii version.

sorry but every time,I'm in adventure mode .I come back to the title.I've only unlocked rouge but without the glitches its awesome.