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Reviews for "Sonic Smash Brothers BETA"


So I think it's a really good idea for a game and if you can get it working then it could become the next great classic game. I saw that the players are kind of built on platforms or boxes when fighting, like if i get hit hard and fly to the left i'll only go there like 5 feet before i hit an invisible wall. This makes it impossible to die unless you fly so far up that you die, making the matches really really long. Hope you can sort all this out for when you do this game will be great.

i liked it

so finish it i would like to see a complete version

Preety good game! 3 stars! A way past cool flash!

Great game but it would be better if it was like super smash bros series. Oh and I hate the data erase too!

fun,and hilarious physicists :))))))))