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Reviews for "Sonic Smash Brothers BETA"

Pretty good, I must say.

The only thing you have to improve is the backgrounds, making characters a littlebit bigger, and maybe something to change the controls.

And maybe, you could add another attack button.

A good game.

This was a pretty good game, but still...

It needs some fine-tuning before it really wows me. Other than that, it was a REALLY good game. Good job.

Needs work, but still pretty good.

This game is fun, and cool, however, the collision kinda sucks, movement is crappy, and the attacks are relatively hard to pull off. i know the game is still a beta, and im looking forward to the finished product.

I like this game but...

i like this game but my laptop's insert key is merged with the print screen key and its not letting me get to the cheat menu
dont really like the control setup much and also the control key is right next to left arrow key and i sumtimes hit the control key which starts me all the way over while im in adventure mode can you please fix that

It's your first, so I'll say its really good in concept, but EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER is bugged except Tails, which can't attack a lot. You can use other characters to glitch up 125% in three seconds, while Tails only can do a max of 20%... but it's still alright with the music choice and sprite ripping. :)