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Reviews for "Sonic Smash Brothers BETA"


You are a God amongst flash now.


wow this is amazing... two things though... 1. Make the characters on the 50 and 100 man melee and 10 min melee easier to knock off (not too much, but a little if u can) 2. fix the glitch where u fall through the floor (u must be sick of hearing that, but it does get really annoying) and i have a couple of questions.... mainly how to unlock ppl, if u want to give it out... i at least would love to know how to unlock shadow (im a big Sonic vs. Shadow fan) and i wanted to know how u unlock silver because skullz said it wasnt the 10 min melee if u could answer those two questions that would be great! 10/10 5/5

the best

this is the best game man. here's some cheat codes.
to put in the passwords,at the main menu hold insert and click main menu, some passwords are...
unlock all characters: upoverandgone, unlock all places: milesprower, unlock all star: chaoscontrol, unlimited lives: gimmelives, anti-gravity=ctrl: sonic boom, i'll have more later.

First off,

Press insert and hold then click on "main menu" when on the menu page.
Then type in things such as
upoverandgone-All characters
Milesprower-All levels
Chaoscontrol- allstar mode
gimmelives- infinite lives
sonicboom- *press control in game* anti gravity
ilike2cheat- spawning allowed
Masteremerald- Tikal and hidden palace 2 unlocked

Best...Game...On Newgrounds...Ever!

Seriously, next to Super Smash Flash, this is probably the best SSB based game I have ever played. The sprites you used are terrific, the voices are amazing, and even the controls are great, and only the slightest bit sticky! You, my friend, have gained my respect!