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Reviews for "Sonic Smash Brothers BETA"

Very nicely done

For a beta version of a game, this is actually pretty amazing. It had a good variety of levels, several characters with personalized moves, several chalanges, power-ups, etc. There were a lot of problems though; in some levels, you acutally can fall right through the bottom floor (namely the Outer Space zone) and any character capable of flight can fly pratically infinitly, allowing COMs to fly back onto the stage after what should have been an inevitable KO. I'll let it slide because of the fact that it's a Beta version of the game, but try to fix that if not anything else. Otherwise, I have no complaints. I'll anxiously wat for the final version.
P.S- Anyone interested in knowing how anything is unlocked, send me a message, and I'll give you a link that explains how to unlock everything in this game.

cheats for sonic smash bros.

sliver-play 10-min mode for a couple of time
amy-finish sonic on adventure mode
cream-finish tails on adventure mode
rouge-finish kncukles on adventure mode
shadow-finish rouge on adventure mode
espio-after gotten amy save your data then turn it off then press it again then it will apper
mighty-after cream is unlocked he will appear

super shadow is the best one!

thank you gamemakerrpg 5 stars for you

nice game!