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Reviews for "Sonic Smash Brothers BETA"

cool game

this rocks!!

i lvl it

this game is the best i like it niceeeeeeeee=)

for people with troubles to pick up items its shift alright hope this helps

the cheats are in youtube videos i will tell u all cheats

upoverandgone - All Characters Unlocked
milesprower - All Levels Unlocked
chaoscontrol - All Star Mode Unlocked
gimmelives - Infinate Lives (999)
masteremerald - Tikal and Hidden Palace 2 Unlocked
sonicboom - CTRL = Anti-Gravity
ilike2cheat - Spawning Allowed (Use num-keys)

this game is awesome.but when i tried the gravity cheat,i held CTRL and it took me back to the intro but it worked until that happened.maybe i pressed a wrong button... anyways i wish i could give more than five stars to this game