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Reviews for "Sonic Smash Brothers BETA"

i beated the game already wow im so quick

This is mostly good... but has a few problems
. The A.I is cheap

. Attacks do to much or too little damage

. knokback scaling is too much ( due to insane damage count

. the entirety of the last 2 stages are to difficult

Also how do u enable cheats and pickup items if u are on windows...

What is the song for sound 11??

For anyone who wants to know how to get to the Enter Cheat Hold Insert and click Main Menu. Also Whats the name of the music when you go into 50 100 man or 10 min melee while fighting not unlocked characters.

This game and the intro, so epic. I see you are a great programmer, I can give programmers like you some great plans for any future games you will be making.