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Reviews for "Sonic Smash Brothers BETA"

ok .

its really cool
but its not perfect yet.
so yea

not bad

This is not bad of a game, my only beef with this, even though it's pretty big is that it seems like a Super Smash Flash clone.

Its kinda broken....

Its, a relatively good game, but playing through with Tails once, Lava Swarm and theCrystal Level both have broken floors.
I got hit in the air then fell down and went through the floor, I was going at considerable speed but its stil strange

very good game

who need super smash brothers when you have sonic smash brothers

the idea alone gives you at least a four in my book having bacically two games in one puts it onto a five

as your fist flash submision i think you mayhave set the bar too high in my opinoin but this game defently deserves a fave

Intresting Concept

Needs a LOT of work mainly with the collision detection, the level bounderies and making the non-fighting levels intresting (and getting rid of the looping feature in the music).
But despite its flaws, it is quite fun and does show promise.