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Reviews for "Sonic Smash Brothers BETA"


not as good as super samsh bros but still cool game

a good game

i enjoy this game its good

Unfortunately for you, and this game....

I am not a sonic fan that will drool over anything that seems to be a "Sonic beat-'em-up". However, the 30 minutes I sunk into the game were not bad, quite pleasant, actually. But there were alot of things that needed working on. Many...many things.

First off, more attacks. I understand that this is a beta, but pressing only space seems to make the game seem more like a reaction-time game. Also, it seemed I had a 'cooldown' on my attack, while the enemy didnt. I had to resort to gurella warefare to stand a chance against my foe.

Hit detection was also iffy. Every so often, I would smack an enemy, and it would be like "Oh you missed, haha." I dont know what you would call it, but, it seemed that my oppenent was knocking me farther and higher while I was at 100, and he was at 300. And not only that, my attacks would only knock them back a tiny bit, while my foe's attacks either hit me way off the map, or didnt move me at all, making me victim to one of the CPU's spam of attacks. Also, on a minor point, mines were active from the second they spawned, so no picky-uppy on those, or you go boom.

But those are the negitive things.

The good things about this game is, well, it's a beta. Usually betas are prievews of what's to come . In the direction that this game is headed, provided you fix problems, it seems like it would be a n easy 10/10. Character choice will hopefully be colorful, and fighting style will varry on your character.

Recomendations: Fix bugs and problems. I didnt encounter many bugs. Once, I fell through the map after falling 900...units...of hight....but anyway.
Characters: Make sure you have a wide variety of faces in your game. Good, and evil.
Items: I hope those...what, five, items werent the only ones you plan to put in there.
Stages: Make stages more.....interactive. Make fewer that are just straight battlefields. Pitfalls, obsticals, and hazards make the map kind of "flesh out"

Well, there she blows. My gigantic review. I hope you can get the game done, with no problems. "M-m-m-Musical awaaaaaaay!"

This game is an eigth pack of cool!

If you added collision effects, fixed the audio problems and, at leaste try to lip sinc the characters' mouths in the opening,this game would be a 12-pack of cool! Great remake of Super Smash Bro.s mellee though I've seen many "epic fails". 9\10


i really enjoyed playing this i cant wait for next beta/version i think you should also add metal sonic,omega

sonis power up should be turning into dark sonic
metal sonics should be turning super for short time(like sonic turns super for short time in brawl) if you will add him ofcourse