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Reviews for "Sonic Smash Brothers BETA"

nice game

sonic is fun

Codes for cheat/

Here are the cheat codes before typing in the cheat code hold the insert button and click on ''Main menu'' now here are thd cheat codes
1.upoverandgone-All charecters unlock
2.milesprower-All levels unlocked
3.choascontrol-All star mode unlocked
4.gimmelives-infinate lives(999)
5.masteremerald-Tikal and Hidden palace 2 unlocked
7.ilike2cheat-Spawning Allowed(Use num-Key

A great game that fans will love.

Awesome game! I have most of the characters, but not all of them. Could you possibly make an unlock guide, at least for the the characters?

pretty Great!!

I like this game. I like how it has a great sonic feeling to it and the adventure mode is great!! But i can't get pass the 3rd level...

great game for a beta

theres one glitch ive noticed which causes an attack to do no damage. also could use a few more attacks ive seen the sprite sheets you probably used and i see they have enough attacks to match ssbm. this is something to add in full version.
also there should be a stage select screen instead of a random stage being chosen and perhaps use a few more sonic items too

great detail and animation,great backgrounds and levels, good adventure mode goals and finally great gameplay for a demo