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Reviews for "Sonic Smash Brothers BETA"

this is super game

To Get the cheat menu open, hold INSERT and click 'Main Menu' on the menu screen. Then type any of the following into the box:
upoverandgone - All Characters Unlocked
milesprower - All Levels Unlocked
chaoscontrol - All Star Mode Unlocked
gimmelives - Infinate Lives (999)
masteremerald - Tikal and Hidden Palace 2 Unlocked
sonicboom - CTRL = Anti-Gravity
ilike2cheat - Spawning Allowed (Use num-keys)

Great Beta Version!

Good For Me ^^

Well, it's about time.

I've always told myself that somebody should create a Sonic fighting game. You might be thinking that I'm acting sarcastic, but to be honest, Sonic is one of those franchises that deserves to have a flash game based around the characters, and their fighting techniques, and their personal style. However, I do not think that it's going to work in a smash bros. styled format. Don't get me wrong, the game has a quality appearance, with the opening cut scene and the whole Smash Bros. menu layout and everything looked quite well. The sound was even decent, even though the sound clips used in the cut scene were tacky and unpleasing, there was still some decent sound effects used in the game itself and some really good remixes of the popular songs used in each zone. The major downside I believe, is the poorly constructed stages, and the poorly programmed animation that cause the game to become virtually annoying. Playing first person mode, you start off by playing a poorly built Green Hill Zone that has floating land masses, and tons of heat seeking wasps. The controls are decent, even though it can get slippery at times, and you have to back track a lot before you can finish the level. Then you fight Tails and move on to TWO more bonus stages before fighting another enemy, and then ANOTHER bonus stage after that. That's a lot of stages just for the adventure mode. The other thing that's disappointing about this game is the fact that if you lose on adventure mode, it doesn't save your place, so you have to start from the very beginning each time you lose all your lives, which is a pain. One awesome thing about his game though, is the number of unlockables... there are unlockable stages you can obtained through first player mode, and many characters from the Sonic universe. I do have to say however, that you could have gone beyond the limits by introducing every Sonic character available, because between the comic books and the television series, and the video games(obviously) the cast for the Sonic universe is gigantic. You could have an unlimited way of keeping players interested in the replay value of this game, but for now, you only have a small band of characters, and to be honest, once you've got them all, I don't see you playing this game in the future ever again. Why? because even though it's a great concept, and the overall appearance looks decent, it's a poor execution with limited attacks, poor level design, and below average entertainment. HOwever, I understand, that this is the BETA version... which is good news... because it really isn't that bad of a game, and if the beta looks this good, I'm sure the updated, more complete version will do far better.


heres some help and codes

here is one first go to main menu clcik main menu then hold inser and type htis code in or i mean these 2 i know : gimmelives
the 2 one: masteremerald and search you for more codes!


I unlocked all Adv. mode unlockable characters, Espio, Mighty, S. Sonic and S. Shadow, so how do I get the last two?