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Reviews for "Sonic Smash Brothers BETA"

-_- i wish that thing where you fall through the friggin ground would just get fixed !

codigos das personagens
amy-complete sonic story
cream-complete tails story
cream and chese-complete cream story
rouge-complete knuckles story
shadow-complete rouge story
silver-defeat 12 characters with shadow in 10 minutes mele
blaze-defeat 15 characters with silver in 10 minutes mele
espio-win 40000 points
mighty-win 80000 points
s.sonic-win 50 man mele
s.shadow-win 100 man mele
tikal-complete story with all characters
pasword codigo
fique a clicar no ins clique no botão esqurdo do rato

perfect game already sometimes u glitch through the ground but it's a beta, in full version it's probably fixed so perfect game.

the codes i know are upoverandgone, gimmelives, and masteremerald.

i like the gimmie lives and antigravity thing