Reviews for "End Bear Dead Bear"


Always good to see something in Hebrew on here. I loved the animation, I loved the style, ve ha safa mosifa la tziyun. Brilliant job. Now do something for Mashina, just for kicks.

Gadol Ivrit?

Hah, I'm not even going to try. I love the Ivrit, as well as the STWPT. Shalom, brother. V'Erev Tov.

Wtf, end?

Great Animation, super look, but somehow misleading. It looks like this is the opening to a cartoon and suddenly it's over and you think "what the hell? The didn't even fight yet!"

reminds me of "there she is"?

nice. lagged horribly on my computer tho...

and to S-K, the movie looks like it was imported into a program like After-effects or something, to turn it into a bitmap, and you can use imported graphics in flash, it doesn't all have to be vector.

krazykartoons responds:

Thank you for your review.
I'm not animating in Flash anymore...
that's the reason for HUGE SIZE movies, I did use many softwares for the edit and final composite, so what you see isn't vectors. :)


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I'm not really sure hebrew works on newgrounds... anyways
Ein Aleycha Achi!!!!

Be eize tochna hechanta et ze, agav?