Reviews for "End Bear Dead Bear"

ooooookey... O_O

awesome but didnt see any point in it but still awesome great song perfect animation finally some1 that works hard at his flash keep it up.

And for you fucking idiots ( not the author ) who think everything is supposed to be in English fuck your self.


The video was intentionally in Hebrew you dumbface

Wow, I'm really sorry you have to deal with morons like Archeris and the others complaining about your videos not being in English. After reading the Author Comments, I'd say you use better English than many people who speak it as a primary language. You're certainly much better at it than the morons complaining about you.

Anyways, I will give you a 10 for making a great animation and putting up with stupid people.

That was pretty good.

I'm surprised how people would get offended having the txt and music in another language. I didn't know this was racist-grounds. The music went well with the animation and I liked it very much. Good Job!


Good animation, unfortunately(though the beat was catchy).....sadly, I don't speak hebrew.

great job!

lucky me I speak hebrew!