Reviews for "Sonic Shorts: Volume 1"

Oh man.

Nostalgia bomb. Great work you guys. Great work.

You made me like Sonic again

THIS IS AWESOME! The Wax, you have done it again! you and your works! ITS A ROBOT CHICKEN SONIC EDITION! MINUS THE STOPMOTION PART! You are awesome! please seriously! take this as being a major ownage to the world!

Great work Everybody!

I loved the Jaws parody, the dashpad one (with great animtation), the breath counter, Sonic's reaction to his new game, the Tails doll, Robotnik and Eggman's conversation (great reference to the old show),and how Sephiroth's song played when the asteroid was coming down. Lots of great jokes, and good points, like "no pockets=no money" . C'mere you little monkey-cat!


I like most of the jokes, though I'm convinced that The Wax is VGDC in disguise.

Laughing My Face Off...

I was literally LMFO it was this funny. I loved it!