Reviews for "Sonic Shorts: Volume 1"

awesome mega epic amazing lots of swerrs

That Tails Doll was kind of creepy. But nothing too scary.

I really enjoy the all animations, especially the 20th animation, is so funny.
I see these all vol. from 1 to 8 every year. But i confused because you listed all musics in the credits in this vol. except one (the music start when baby sonic receive his shoes), i search the entire internet and without luck. Can you tell me the name of that song?
About the loading and ending credits is really fit with entire animation.

Sorry if my write is su$%. I am brazilian guy who love animations without exception (Child / Adult).

When I first saw this, I began to think that other people would actually enjoy this, and now that the years had flown by since then, I begin to think of this as my personal favorite series. I know that the series ended sometime last year, but that doesn't matter because I still enjoy watching the series no matter how many times I watch it. And I thank all the creators of these masterpieces and I respect you all!

Last One SUCK Cute