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Reviews for "Tetris Deathtrap"


i may not be a tetris fan but this was funny/cool/awesom dude!

respond :)

IceyDrummer responds:

Lol, I'm sorry for not responding, I've been busy... Anyway thanks for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I haven't done much in animating for awhile because of school and drum line but I'll try to make something like this again


this would be an even better game
i had this idea once butt i didn't thought it be this awesome
good work man!

IceyDrummer responds:

thank you... I wish I had spent more time on it but hey w/e

great, but........

..........the poor little yellow guy was trapped boo-hoo.........NOT!

IceyDrummer responds:

lol thank you for the 10!

YAY! The Blue guy won!

lol that was genius.

IceyDrummer responds:

Haha thanks. I did it for a project in one of my classes and had to put a bit of a rush on it.

Wouldent it be fun...

Wouldent it be fun if thats how they exicuted ppl :D

IceyDrummer responds:

I'll start the letter to congress right away!