Reviews for "Cosmo Cabs"


Replayable game with good graphics and arena, but I the highscore board didn't seem to work. It didn't let me submit and see the scores; it just said "Loading" for a long time. Might have something to do with my computer, I'm unsure.

Nice concept

Great game, the scenario was great and controls were superb, the only thing I have to say is give the game a reason, after 5 or 4 fares u get bored and have no reason to keep playing, maybe it would be nice to see powerps, missions or levels.
Anyway it was great, nice work

Interesting game you made here

Overall i found this game to be fun, but was a bit cluttered. It was at least for me (i'm a bit of a speed hog)hard to keep below 90 at those would be speed detectors. It held all of the things that a good game needs, but lacked staying power. Also, i found a minor glitch, if u hit the ground, and get bumped onto something low on the ground you can manage to slip through all the boundries and float into empty, open space for eternity! :D Good game overall 4/5

"I hope you carry life insurance" -Cab Driver

I lov the concept, simple and true. What I've enjoyed about your guys sponsorship with Armorgames is the influx of quality games, and each with its own distinctive gameplay and mechanics.

I was very surprised at the london meet when Tom mentions he worked for Armorgames and had a deadline to meet every month! With so little time for planning, you guys do very well. You guys certaintly don't come off as procisnators! ;)

The overall GUI of the game is very well designed and it doesn't distract from the experience. The damage status has a very nice touch to it, I just love the whole "neon lights' look about it. It totally sold me.

The level design was funky and fresh, it even gave me the impression of driving through earth rements or a huge dump. "What do we have here! A boneyard, a vegtation area, and a few buildings from this, and more motifs.. Wierd!" Although it's easy to pass off, its very well designed.... to get you moving.

Great use of Sfx and music, it complemented the gameply and overall tone of the game well as is usually the case with each new game from you guys.

The gameplay is where this strikes home. Although I had some difficulty gaining a decent FPS on low setting, is was pure fun. The whole idea of getting to point A-B-C, without crashing in a dig-dug world, in rapid transit made it a thrilling wild ride. In many funny ways, it reminded of that underwater level in Earthworm Jim where you needed to traverse harsh environment, boy was that game ever fraustrating.

THe only problem that I'd was the optimization. I've read that the game runs well on your 4-5 year PC but oddly, my computer halted to a stop at the loading level screen with much loadtime. It almost seems the programming actions/or the large bg, was loaded at one go. I'm just guessing here but I also did notice a greater amount of texture in your level design that your guys previous flash games. Who knows, but heck for delivering this small jem in a 1.2mb package is optimized.

Overall, I give you guys (Tom and Dim) props for the hard work found in your guy's passion. It hard to be original but I admire your guys effort to always push the gaming envelop on the flash platform. Who knows what will be next?

Looking foward to your guys next projects.


Cool game! I'll favourites this one.

Lol @ Tom's score! Check out the last page of scores... :D

P.S. Contrary to the below review, the controls work fine for me...