Reviews for "Cosmo Cabs"

It's time for some CRAZY COSMO CAB!!!

The art in the game was simply amazing and it's nice to see the Death Star. The controls were simple and easy to control. The game was really fun and simple to plan although there were too many obstacles which made it a bit harder when hitting an obstacle the cab would bounce off which I liked, but sometimes it would get annoying when you would hit something and bounce off into something else. Now for the art. The everything about the art was phenomenal. I really liked the interface you used in the game was nicely designed. The alien world design was well designed although it didn't feel alien enough, but it was still pretty amazing. Nice work!



Very Entertaining

I really liked it. The game play was good. The graphics were very intensive however. I guesse my main point is that this game is good but it isnt amazing. Its definatly better than most of the games on newgrounds.
I think if the game had story, and more content it would be in the 4.4 area simpyl because the gameplay here was incredibly fun, there just wasnt a lot of it.

Cool, i think...

It freezes when the level starts to load, but i still think it is a nice game from the looks of it.

Pretty good

I like the idea, just like DreamCast's Crazy Taxi--I loved that game!!! The only problem I had was I can't tell sometimes the difference between the background and objects. Neat way of moving around though for the concept.