Reviews for "Cosmo Cabs"


it was ok

I love this

It could use some tuning in graphics.
It's a tad pixelated. If you make the graphics way better this would be the perfect game. You could also make the background a tad more mesmerizing. Like a space diner. :D faves.

Shiny! I just wish I could run it on my PC.

Nice solid gameplay as usual!

Great visuals as always, though perhaps too great. Even on low my PC had a lot of trouble maintaining a usable frame rate. Maybe a function to disable some of the filters would lessen the load. But when I ran it on my friend's PC it was great! (His 'gaming' rig is a bit more suitable for high-end stuff than my middle-of-the-road desktop.)

It reminds me of an old shareware game I had on my Quadra back in '97. Good times.

Keep up the great work, guys!


It didnt load for me lol.... but from otha peoples reviews ill say it was good


too difficult for somebody? :D lol good game, dont lisen what those guys are saying! good game.