Reviews for "Cosmo Cabs"

Exciting and a new twist to taxi games

I found it that it was a fun game to play when your bored. Really fun. I found it more fun to crash into walls and listen Egoraptor's insane voices.

Anyways to the review, Things to work on: Maybe a bigger map, and 'powerups'. It would be fun to shoot other taxi drivers when they're trying to steal the customers. Also the game would be more fun with more Voices XD.

Anyways, it is a good game and I hope to see more of your work soon.

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

Haha yeah Ego steals the show, as usual.


PS I like the the idea of shooting other taxis so they don't get to your passengers!


funny game but cud need 1 or 2 more levels for even more difficulty besides that fun game i´m on 37 in the hi scores

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

Originally it was longer and much harder but we felt it became a bit of a slog so we shortened it and made it easier to play. Now its just about perfecting the small amount of time you have.



Somethings are too close together and it gets pretty frusterating. also the movieclips don't stop when I paused. but all around great art and concept.


Good game, it had a little jittery lag though, but it was good.

Holy Crap!!

Good Work man!! You could make the 2nd game more 6-d?!?!?