Reviews for "Cosmo Cabs"

Slow, Jerky, Unresponsive

I like the idea of the game, but i have to say the game was slow, completely cutting out at times, the controls were simultaneously jerky and unrepsonsive. I know the game is graphics intensive, but you may want to set a lower quality to begin with.


This would be fun, but the fact that everything you touch does damage to you makes it very unenjoyable. next time, make more open areas for this kind of game.

la pouf.... 4?

The artwork in the background was nice, but i didnt really like the controls. It was way too easy to go over 90 when u got around one of those camera things, But u didnt even really go that much faster than 90, only to like 120 or sumthin.
It was a good idea but it needs some work.

Good idea, bad execution.

I thought the idea and the concept was very good, but it was generally badly executed. It felt like there was far too much scenery about that could cause damage, which totally ruined the excitement and speed aspect of the game. I found it almost impossible to speed, regardless of whether or not speed cameras were about.

Certain aspects of the scenery were puzzling; why were there lots of plants about mixed in with a strange alien-punk landscape?

Anyway, I thought the idea was very good and could work well, but the game does require some work and probably a greater emphasis on play testing.

Yeah, not getting it here.

hmmmmm. lets see annoying music/sounds, 2 many obstacles and frankly, quite boring. sorry.
beter luck next time