Reviews for "Cosmo Cabs"

Good, but not great

The graphics were nice along with the sound/ music.
Although the concept of the game is different than of what I had originally thought. good for you!

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

Thanks for the review!


? There was just too much going on.

Ok there was way too many obstacles in the way/everywhere. I managed to get two guys before i gave up on this. When i went to drop the guy off at the taxi sign i could not get above it because it was enclosed by nearby obstacles so i just had to crash land in. However; the control of the taxi was nice, and i liked the idea of the game. just tone it down a little. .


I got to the second person and exploded like 1,000,000,000 more times!!! but still a good game.


I'd really like to see a tweeked version of this game, maybe make the area a little bigger and add some color to places you cant hit. That'd be the difference between good "and it is definatly a good good game" and a GREAT game.

wow really hard

great game, i loved the map but it was hard to tell what was going to damage the taxi and what you could just fly through but great game