Reviews for "Loboloon"


its like most of the games here(just change the character and story =P), so boring

Realtime blowing could be fun, too.

What if you had to move the balloon with the fan, but there was no "charge" for the fan- it kept spinning as long as the mouse button was held down, and kept the balloon up and moving as long as it was within x pixels of the balloon? Adding that kind of action to this would probably blow the puzzle side of things, and the levels would probably need to be redone, but if you ever decide to make a sequel, I'd say to try that- it's just too slow for me right now.

jayc06 responds:

i'll also give this a good thought.

no plans for sequel for now

Too slow =/

It seens like a nice idea and stuff, kind of original, but way too slow... got me tired on level 2 already. But im sure there will be people who love it so dont get me wrong.


no. not good. not at all.

Its ok

Its interesting with the little traps, but I don't like how long it takes to blow the ball and It doesn't always go by how hard you force it.