Reviews for "Loboloon"

Realtime blowing could be fun, too.

What if you had to move the balloon with the fan, but there was no "charge" for the fan- it kept spinning as long as the mouse button was held down, and kept the balloon up and moving as long as it was within x pixels of the balloon? Adding that kind of action to this would probably blow the puzzle side of things, and the levels would probably need to be redone, but if you ever decide to make a sequel, I'd say to try that- it's just too slow for me right now.

jayc06 responds:

i'll also give this a good thought.

no plans for sequel for now


Great idea for a game but you need to work on making it a bit more fast paced

jayc06 responds:


point sticked on head

Utterly retarded

No joke, its pointless, been done so many times, no real fun to it. Improvement? Actually make something that doesn't bore people by reusing the same format (i.e Go through to the roof. Good job, do it again...). Basically it's nothing special, and in fact it's quite the opposite!


A unique concept that is pretty good however it was repetative, not due to bad level design as levels showed good variation, its just game was too slow for me took ages to move decent distances, not sure how u could get around this but... just gave feeling of player not being really involved if u know what i mean. Hope this is helpfull, might just be me felt this see what others say.

jayc06 responds:

i see your point, will remember that


I don't get what's the point of the game. I know how I can make the ball move. Then what? Maybe you win by moving the ball to that grey-spinning-shit? Apparently no. So what the fuck do you do in this game? "Reach the roof??" Where in the fuck is "the roof"? Some REAL instructions would have been great.

You pissed me off with this shit and that's why I'm giving you a zero.

jayc06 responds:

sorry you didn't like it. this is my 2nd game, so i still have to learn. still thanks for the crap review..