Reviews for "3D Sugar Glider"

i like the game its noy lame

everyone else well 2 people down think its rubbish but this is the first 3d flash do not listen to them but you have started somthing and it might become a pheonom and become stealth haorror al types of grnres keep going you know im on your side man

resid send private message

yeah ok

4 for the animation the rest of the game was just terrible i mean what was the whole point of that maybe it should of been like a platformer that would of been great


i'm sorry but this this the pourkypine dose not even look real i just do not like it

could of been better

i think it should of been on a level of platforms were you have to glide to get to the next not just a circle people who say the engine is good i agree but it needs to be refined FPS

I agree with kharne3000

The visuals in this game are far beyond that of what I usually see in flash games. I would rate it higher if there were more to this game. As it is, it seems like just a test of the engine to be used to be used for a larger project.