Reviews for "3D Sugar Glider"

Has potential

I liked it, 3d game, short loading time, graphics reminiscent of zelda on n64. Only problem... it's very much based on random chance, sometimes you get only one star and other times 7 of them appear right in your path. Maybe if we could control the glider while it was gliding that would even it out. Also, when I finally did score over 500, I didn't get anything...


HAHa it has only a small map just try to put a bigger map and d camera position is so anoying

to hell with this

forcing us to watch an add first, i refuse to even try it.

Nice graphics, not enough content.

This game has very complex 3D graphics, and it has smooth gameplay as well. Only problem is the lack of content. Make larger levels, bosses, etc.


just plane wierd