Reviews for "3D Sugar Glider"

Pretty cool

I'll tell you it ran smoothly on my computer. 3D was pretty kick-ass most 3D flashes aren't very well done, and i think you did great. Though, it would of been better if the combos were a tad easier to obtain, since it's impossible to control the glider in mid-air. Otherwise good job.

The hell?

It was pretty, but it controlled like a sleeping slug. You need to make it bigger in size so we can actually see where we're taking our little....squirrel? I couldn't see what I was doing and died.

SESSNET responds:

I made the camera controls available with the keyboard arrows ASWD thanks to all the awesome suggestions and comments

Kinda Lame

Not really much game play, good graphics, but other than that it was really boring. Not a game I could see playing for a while.


This was a very... weird game, if you understand.
It was not very original, but it was still fun considering only one person made this.
You coulda have made it more high poly tho that would have slowed it all down, and you could have used a little better materials.
This reminds me of a n64 game and by that I mean it's good, the environment is pleasant, but the gameplay is rather.. boring.
But hey, you could make a mario game or something!


The idea for the game is good.
But it just gets boring and repetitive.
When I started playing I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. No instructions.
Then noticed If i clicked, the little sugar glider would jump in the air.
The most fun part would have been watching it walk.