Reviews for "3D Sugar Glider"

Not bad

Like the graphics. Wish it was bigger and not stuck on one little island.

A great step for flash

The game sucked balls frankly, but major rep on the 3D.

There aren't really many flash 3D games out there like this one, it was really well done and I know how hard these things can be to make, so gratz on finishing it and everything, I really hope to see more of this from you in the future, perhaps a full blown action game in a couple of years :P


I was very excited to play this because I absolutely love Sugar Gliders. I have five of my own and its about time someone appreciate them. Although I anticipated this to be a fun game, it was rather... Boring? I just didn't have fun with it. I love the idea though.

Not Very Fun

Graphics are good but the game is just...borring


ok for a few minutes but not for me keep em comin though