Reviews for "3D Sugar Glider"


i cant play this on a pc with 512 mb ram... but with 2000 it works
pretty cool engine^^


Man That was so cool well done!

Not bad, with the objective...

OK, so I played it normal the first time, and it looks good, but.... lame. Said what the hell and clicked him until he turned black and then played again. With the objective of 500 points to be white again, it wasn't that bad, until I GOT 500 points - and he didn't change! WTF!
If you made the world bigger, had more bad guys to either fight or avoid, and other objectives it would be a damn good game. Also if you could turn while gliding that would be sweeeet.


what the duece, mate? 3-d is a good thing, but couldnt you have done a little more than "Jump over the porcupine, get the star, don't run out of time"? Bring me a "Shoot the porcupine with a shotgun, then fashion its entrails into a bandana so u can be sugar glider rambo", that i could live with lol.


we shouldnt have been stuck on one island