Reviews for "Choir of Guns"


Its been a while since i've heard a track from you. Reminds me of megadeth a bit lol Stop slacking and record more!!!!!!!!

Schleif responds:

i'm alazy fuck, i know haha. thanks dude! got to check your bands shit out!

Well, check this out.

So by what I'm hearing so far, this sounds like traditional Schlief setup. You've been keen on using drum fills lately to begin your songs, which is cool, it's like a fad of sorts maybe? Well I haven't reviewed something of yours in a long time; it's good to hear some new material.

To begin with, there's an interesting sort of sweep arpeggio going on, and if I had to give my assessment, I'd have to believe that it sounds like a programmed lead based on the timbre of the sound. I could be wrong though, since one of my guitars that fancies a single coil sometimes sounds like that too.

Your leads tend to sound a bit of the same as I go through all of your songs. What I would do if I was you would be to try some new techniques, but your style, being like this song, usually never fails as it seems to get a point across. When the rhythm guitar harmonizes with a chord during the beginning, it's a little tough to understand it due to the fuzz on the lead, but it's still there and I know it.

The phrase at 0:21 is cool, and I'd like to learn phrases like that myself. Other things to note are that I hear a little more of the bass guitar than usual, which I like. I also like the dissonant, confliction of the rhythm vs. the bass when the rhythm sustains, I love that. It sort of reminds me a little sliver of Crue. But I also really like the main lead riff, it sounds fluid, fitting, yet meaty. It's catchy too, if it were to be mashed into one of those 8 or 16-bit things that everyone likes, I bet it would be still listenable and catchy.
I can feel it now, even as I pause the song to write this review, that riff is getting into my head lol.

Well, after two minutes into the song, you have a really cool section where you use harmonization on the lead. I guess you either had the other guitar play a few steps away from the root sequence of the lead guitar, or you used an octavizer or something, it s more becoming of what Metaljonus would sound like, but without all the shredding though. But don't get me wrong though, that passage rips though, I'd like to learn that myself. Oh wait, I heard all the arpeggios and speed picking now, okay that's pretty sick. And I like all that focus on the power chords too, I really like this.

Okay, enough about that, for what you did for your lyrics, you always make very interesting comparisons and metaphors in your music that are disgusting yet poetic. I use your music always for an example on how heavy metal can be poetically developed. You compare music functioning like a weapon, preferably like guns.

Violence kills everyone, friends, enemies, and it never ends, and so you're 'singing in defence' it goes with 'gun's you only friend' when you're on a battlefield shooting at friends and enemies, everyone is killing each other, your gun would seem to be the only thing not to turn on you.

Hmm. 'music beyond sense' Is that sense that you feel or sense that you understand? Very cryptic Schleif. A double entendre here. 'like lying strapped to an anvil' 'like neglecting all you know' Despite all we understand, we're going to get what comes to use, be it like a death sentence? Awesome, my good man.

Too bad MP3 device failed on me, otherwise I'd be on this song like a madman.

Schleif responds:

wow dude, your reviews are as fantastic as always! i don't know what to say, as your really just listed all i wanted to say with this song! glad it came through, and i'm really glad you like it. as you noticed, i gave the bass more space in this one, and i'm glad to hear that it turned out the way i wanted it to haha.

i'll try to experiment more with new styles and techniques in the future, for sure. in fact, i'm working on something a bit special as i write haha. once again, thanks for the amazing feedback, you're fucking excellent \m/

What...no PM?

I'm EVEN LAZIER....So you have to PM me new tunes. haha.

Awesome man. You have thunder voice, brother. I dig it so much. This is a great tune.
Downloaded. Ipoded.

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4.32 / 5.00 (+ 0.029)

Schleif responds:

haha, thanks bro! could have sworn i sent ya a pm.. at least i sent someone a pm haha. good to have you back bad!

Yeah Buddy!

The music is faaaantastic. I wish the vocals would accommodate it a bit moar.

Still great tho <3

Schleif responds:

thanks dude, very much appreciated!


1 of the best heavy metal song i have ever found i love metal

Schleif responds:

that's awesome, thanks a lot!