Reviews for "SH - Crime"

i love it perfect

A question for the ages

Is it truly a crime to covet what is not yours?

Keep up the good stuff

It makes me feel guilty, just like I've committed a wrongdoing. That voice just won't stay out of my head and it creates an eerie aura, like your being watched. I like all your beats, and you should keep them up because they greatly inspire me. Thank you, genius.

shaggyhaired responds:

Thanks man, I really appreciate it.


best i heard so far


Envelope pushed. This song is riddled with all sorts of weird, interesting sounds. Great work on this beat man.

I feel like im wandering around on a rainy day, when out of no where, everyone around me loses control and start stealing/killing. Then that first pause in the beat, its like a pan of chaos, then back to crazy shit.

Very vivid, i just like this beat a lot lol. Bad ass shaggy.