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Reviews for "Super Street Brother p.4"

ya awsome

great video this was great 10/10

Teenplayer84 responds:

Thanks ALOT


Such an awesome video.

Teenplayer84 responds:


Kirby...Or Ryu...

Who won...I hope it was Kirby.

Teenplayer84 responds:

Keep on watching and find out

i'm ImprEsSeD

way ta go lil bro. I can see that u're finally fixing ur grammer xD! I'm sharing ur vids with people at school so u can get more support Example:

Anon. (sry he didn't want his sn out here) (2:33:31 AM): I could never do something like that, so kudos to him

anyways keep up the work and don't get discouraged! Lolz i LOVED the kirby fight it made me so happyy hahah

<3 Sis


Nice i love watching a good smash brothers fight but not with sprites but you made them appeal better than alot of people of i seen animate so i give you a 9/10 i still hate sprites there small hard to see you know and not much action anyways good job

Teenplayer84 responds:

Thx..i dont see a 9 but..w.e..thanks!