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Reviews for "Super Street Brother p.4"


omg cool vid

Teenplayer84 responds:



Though the sprites were kinda tiny and hard to really see. But the fight scene was pretty good in and of itself. Nice one.

Teenplayer84 responds:

really?..O u meant some parts right?

Yeah...i see

Good animation and a cool fight.

Even though I normally don't like sprite animations this was pretty cool. You should of cut out the bit with naruto. It was out of place, the characters were annoying, it wasn't funny, and it was borring. Don't worry, you really don't need to explain the rules. If some one is some how confused you can explain them in your authors comments, but for most people the fights are carried out so that it all makes a lot of sense (without explaination).
Also the script was a little bland. It was just kind of corny. The storyline was like a 10 year old anime fan's wet dream (that's not really a good thing)

Other then that though the animation was good and the fight choreography was great. It must of taken a long time to put all of the sprites together and animate them. So yeah, overall great job.

Teenplayer84 responds:

If i answer to confused ppl becuz there wasnt that clip of naruto. It would mean i have to check my reviews daily and i dont have time for that.

NOT everyone can figure out all the rules just by watching it.

thx for the review anyway

Good JOB!!

This part was great. The action scene was a awesome one. Really dramatic and had a nice style. But, the text was too fast. Try and make it slower so we can read it. But overall, awesome job!!

Teenplayer84 responds:

LOLZ..i'll get u at school man

ya awsome

great video this was great 10/10

Teenplayer84 responds:

Thanks ALOT