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Reviews for "Smash Bros: Go Pichu!"

That was a good flash!

Really, I liked the use of auditions for Brawl and Simon Cowell as one of them. XD Pichu's voice was also adorable and I lol'd big time at Sakurai with a scouter.
Miyaototo, (Dang, can't spell his name to save my life.) was also very amusing. But Jigglypuff's face expression just took the gold. Good work!


I actually wanted Pichu in Brawl, maybe thats just cause I'm a Pokemon fan but I mean come on, Lucas got in! And ROB?! I was like WTF when I found out he was in Brawl. The ending was hilarious! Also was that ROB who salted Pichu the arm was mechanical so ROB is my best guess.

Topaz989 responds:

Nope, not ROB. I know my art sucks, but I did my best to make that hand as human as possible.

I try not to insult people...

But honestly the nicest word for this video i could come up with was AMAZING! This is one of my favorite videos! I watch it like twice a day! I agree, i miss pichu too, wish they had put him in brawl. You should make videos like this for the other characters that weren't brawl, like mewtwo, Dr.Mario, Roy, and young link.

omg i cant beilive he said that!

i almost cried when he made that sad face... but i was lmao'ing when he blew up! .........AND PICHU IS TOTALLY FRICKIN PLAYABLE!!!! i kick ass as him >:(

this animation aged pretty great i'd say.