Reviews for "Home Movies: FFS"


It was really nice. I've been a victim of crappy conversations twice this week, and maybe that is why I find this one so good. There were few sound glitches that you could remove, like for example, in the beginning you can really hear a sound of a clank, probably coming from a plate. Anyway, good work. Although you didn't write this, one can tell that you really have a feeling for those kind of things...you know scripting and stuff. Seems like you've watched a lot of movies. :D

oh mcgirk, will you ever win?

good stuff, i really like home movies. i think the humor takes a certain sence of maturity. like the ability to just absorb a funny situation, like that,


I've always loved Home movies, and have THE WHOLE SERIES ON DVD. I think the animation was Extremely smooth, and you made the feel of the show come to life.

home movies

you should try and do a whole episode of Home Movies! that would be awesome!


Well...it was ok. But I thought it was waayyy too short. There should have been more interaction between teh nurse and the patient. Going into the room, talking, whateva. I needed more interaction than just the joke. It would have made it a bit funnier.